Monday, November 8, 2010

Help Bedtime Please! (yes...I'm begging)

As many of you may know I haven't slept in my bedroom in months. Yes, in plural of month.
Well, I do stand corrected... there was the one night my mom had the kids because Jason and I had a wedding to attend... and the few nights that Jason took over totally and told me to sleep upstairs.

Otherwise, living in the living room is where I've been!

The kids NEED to go to bed.... Mostly, the problem is Paige - she DOES NOT want to be in her room - which means she'd be away from me....

  • What is your evening timeline? (when do you do dinner? what comes next... give me a rundown)
  • Any Pointers for making Paige happier and more comfortable sleeping in her room - away from Mommy? (keep in mind she USED TO sleep through the night in there)
And...they share a room - so no option for them to have separate bedrooms...)


Michelle & Ray said...

I am so sorry you're going through this.. Here's what we do.. Hope it helps!

5:30 pm - Dinner in the high chair - no excuses.

6:15 - Bath time

6:45 - Lotion and pjs.

7:00 - Quite time. Read a book, color, NO TV.

7:15 - Bed. Now here's the kicker.. I don't recomend this in all situations, because its a very hard habit to break, but I give Harry a bottle and put him in bed. He drinks it and is asleep in ten minutes. I go up right after, cover him up and take the bottle. I don't hear from him until 6:30 the next morning. That last bottle seems to be enough.

I don't know if this will work for you, but its worth a try.

Hope it gets better! Hugs! xoxo

Fire Wife said...

Due to FireMan's varying schedule, we've never had a true SCHEDULE, per se, but FireGirl's bedtime routine is virtually unchanged since she was just a few months old (she's now two).


Bathtime - let her play in the bath until she's ready to get out or until she starts feeling cold
After bath, immediately into PJs

Snack - totally don't remember what we gave her at 1 yo, sorry.

Bed - say good night to everyone, then I carry her into her room saying her prayers, lie her down, kiss her forehead & give her her lovey.

All of those activities are interspersed with playtime, with or without mommy, as her mood suits.

Now, if she's not wanting to go to bed, and we've ruled out illness, needing a diaper change, etc, we do CIO. Starting with 10 min, then 15 min, etc. Never more than 30 min at a stretch, but it has been RARE that it would take that long. Usually within the first 10-15 min she's out, and STTN.


Heather said...

Well I just came across this and I don't know if your still having this problem but I also started having this problem after Jimmy's accident with the girl's. So I started rocking them to sleep in a rocking chair and then transferring them to their beds. Yes it's time consuming but they stay asleep but only if I cover them both with multiple blankets so they feel wrapped up like they were while I was rocking them. Good luck! Hope things get better soon!