Sunday, October 24, 2010

So, here I am.

I have been a bad blogger. In part to an annoying computer that frustrates me to no end while trying to blog, an extra busy schedule and just...."blah-ness". I have had so many blog post ideas flow in and out yet they haven't made it to the computer yet!

Idea 1:
Why is it that when I get 5 minutes to myself on the computer Daddy convinces the kids to come get me to play? Is it because the other 15 hours of playing and tending to them weren't enough to warrant a short break? I guess next time when he plays PS3 we should turn the tables, huh?

Idea 2:
They were both sick last week (or was it the week before)?? I had to give nebulizer treatments to them both - however, Connor required a sneak attack to get it done!

Idea 3:
Silly neighbors...
My neighbor has a son, Alex, who is just 2 weeks older than Connor. Naturally, the boys are BFFs and are constantly on the lookout for one another to play together. HOWEVER...they are big trouble makers! Me and Alex's mom take turns yelling out to and chasing the boys to keep them from running too far, throwing things that shouldn't be thrown and tending to their general safety. Although it gets hectic...its really nice that Connor has a good buddy to play with!


Day 2 Day Living said...

Oh I remember the days of them playing with a friend and always getting into something.
I hope they are both feeling 100% now!

Kayla said...

You are a sneaky mom with meds lol. I tried that but Potato woke up. I would/have pulled the ps3 trick. lol