Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Connor -- You are 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday My Big Boy!                                                   

Dear Connor,
On Friday, Oct 1st - you turned 2 years old! You are simply my "big boy" now... even though you're still a baby!!! You can do so many wonderful things- you love to dance, jump, tumble, roll- all in the name of entertaining people! 
You love playing with your Thomas the Train sets, your blocks, cars/trucks- especially when someone will play with you! (AS long as we play YOUR way! ;0) )

You are a love -- affectionate, caring and tender. Of course you rough house like a "true" boy -but, you find plenty of time for hugs and kisses too!

You are not much of a talker (although we're working on that) but you're observant, and a "Do-Er". You catch on quickly -  all too quickly...and although it makes us laugh at your silly ways of trying to be grown up it does sometimes send  you for a time-out!

My favorite time of the day is when we snuggle in the glider reading books before you go off to sleep...that time is just ours. always fit time for everyone in your busy day!

Connor-- HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!

Mommy loves you!!!

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Gina said...

Happy birthday big boy!!