Saturday, October 30, 2010

Connor's FAMOUS!

Ok...famous you say??
Well...he's in the December 2010 issue of Guitar World Magazine in an ad for Fishman products...

So, he did this shoot back in April-but we were never told what magazine it would appear  in, or when! So,we'd spent plenty of time looking through all of the guitar magazines we could find in Hannaford, Barnes & Noble - wherever. Since so much time had passed I assumed we'd missed it, or just won't find it.

Just last night we were in Rite Aid for Halloween candy and Jason decided to look through one...well, suddenly he gasped-- I grabbed the magazine and screamed! YES...SCREAMED and cried and jumped up and down. in the middle of Rite Aid. I also forced the sales girls to look at the ad...haha we bought all 4 copies they had.

Then...we found out...he's on their website!!!! if you go to the website his ad scrolls across the top -- there are 4-- 3 of his body and one of his arm... in order to see them all simply continue to REFRESH your page until it cycles through all of the ads up top...

ahh!!! Proud Mamma!