Monday, September 13, 2010

Terrible Two's

"Terrible Two's" - sure... we've all heard of them. But, come on, How terrible can someone with this face be??:
And the answer is...PRETTY TERRIBLE!

OH man...I know, I'm supposed to be older and wiser- but, no...I don't think I am this time. 
He's pretty smart and tricky to be perfectly honest. Sometimes his "wise-ass" demeanor will either make you more angry, or it will simply cause you to choke back your laughter- either way-- its a lose-lose situation for the parent.

Example #1- 

Connor is pushing his chair around the kitchen. Mommy says "Connor, please stop"... Connor continues. Mommy says "CONNOR, stop pushing your chair"...Connor looks at Mom, continues. Mommy says, "CONNOR, NO!"...Connor looks at Mom, smiles, continues....

Example #2-

Daddy asks Connor to get off of the arm of the couch. Connor refuses. Daddy asks Connor again...Connor halfway slides body off arm of couch... Daddy asks AGAIN...Connor slides self down but kicks leg in Daddy's general direction as if to kick him...then when on floor "stomps foot" an inch from Daddy's hand as if intending to stomp on Daddy... Connor ever so slightly pushes foot on Daddy's hand and applies pressure slowly...looks at Daddy, opens his arms wide and hugs Daddy before he can get in trouble.

Example #3

Paige is playing with Connor's toy. He does NOT like this. He tries to take it away, she pulls it back. He shoves her, she gets back up! He pushes her harder...she cries for a second, gets back Shoves her down, head butts her with just enough force to make her "know who's boss" and runs away with toy..."

  • Refusal to cooperate with any request – CHECK!
  • Contradictory behavior –CHECK!
  • Alliance forming – if someone is mad at him, he’ll go to another person. For instance, if he senses I am angry with him, he’ll go to Daddy.-CHECK!
  • Throwing tantrums whenever he fails to get his way –CHECK!
  • Hitting, throwing, "aggressive" behavior- CHECK!

My dear little boy spends a LOT of time in time out...
and...he hasn't even officially turned 2 yet...Sheesh!


Kayla said...

I am so there! Mine is turning into a big rotten Potato! I have to hide behind something when he rolls his eyes or tells me I'm "Not Nice" because I cant stop laughing.

Gina said...

Misery loves company - we're there too!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

LOL! He's such a cutie!! He definitely knows what he is doing!

One Pork Chop said...

Oh yes, we're in the midst of terrible two hell right now, and she's not even two yet. We've been dealing with this behavior for months now. I thought I'd at least have more time to pray for strength!

Fire Wife said...

Oh no! FireGirl is definitely showing some signs of the terrible twos! Noooooo!!!!!!!!!