Tuesday, September 14, 2010


No matter where you are pusing a stroller loaded up with 2 children, a diaper bag filled with god knows what, a separate bag for bottles etc... and whatever else is loaded up is a bulky endeavor. (yes, same goes for just 1 child...)

So..what exactly is it about strollers that make non-stroller people dumb?

In my mind...this is what I envision occuring to these people:

 "Oh gee there's a big stroller coming my way, may as well cut across it as close as I can because heaven forbid I have to wait for that huge load to pass by"

"Stroller! Just stop in your tracks!!! It will go around us if you don't move!"

"Oh, stroller-- this is the most perfect spot in all the world to walk extra slow now while dangling my cigarette/cigar near that cute little baby!"

So really, I'm not expecting people to see us coming and bow down along the pathway...Although.....

But come on, can't we develop some sort of stroller etiquette here people?

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Momma Chantal said...

I know what you mean! More often then not when I am struggling to get through a door with the double stoller, once I have the door propped open with my foot so I can shove the stroller through, someone will actually attempt to come OUT the door I am holding open and expect me to get the stroller out of their way!! I will be honest and say that I am not so nice when this happens. I don't use much of a filter, and I don't even feel embarrassed. :)