Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sometimes your life gets put into perspective by the worst and most sudden of circumstances.
Unfortunately, that day came today.
One of the dear boys at my school passed away today at the age of 8. He was only projected to live until the age of 6 months old - so he was blessed with a full life in a positive perspective.

Work was horrible-- the nurses had to do their job working on reviving him, the ambulance arrived and the EMTs tried as well....the hospital ER staff as just goes the opposite way we'd like.

The day put life into perspective. I called Jason IMMEDIATELY and cried. I cried knowing that I am fortunate to have two wonderful, beautiful, precious children home that are healthy.

So...this, my babies, is to you...

Dear Connor & Paige-
I love you. I Love your hugs and kisses. Your smiles, your giggles, your delightful squeals. I am sorry when I get frustrated. I am sorry that I don't always get to play with you when you'd like. I'm sorry I get annoyed when you won't sleep in your bed --because, really, I'd rather spend the next 10 years sleeping in the living room with you both knowing that you're both there with me.
I thank you both for allowing me to be silly while we dance or play monsters and peekaboo.
I thank you for loving me no matter what. I thank you for sharing the joys of your milestones... I thank you for making me one of the most important and influential people in your life. You are both the most wonderful and important people in mine...
I love you with all my heart - and all of the frustrations in the world pale in comparison to the thought of no longer having you to squeeze tightly at night.
Love, Mommy

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tasha - the clean eating mama said...

I am sobbing hear at work. I cannot even fathom what you were feeling, or how his own parents are feeling.
Extra love for my sweet J tonight!