Friday, September 10, 2010

Paige Got Tubes.

Yesterday Paige got tubes put in both of her ears. Wait...this seems familiar you say?? Well, yes, Connor got tubes done July 26th (See Here).

Unfortunately, Jason was not able to come to the hospital with us - due to work issues - he was very upset but we knew she'd be just fine, and I kept him updated with text messages, text photos and phone calls.

Paige and I had to be at the hospital by 7 a.m. for her 9 a.m. procedure -- a bit rough since she wasn't allowed to eat or drink formula past midnight -- So I woke her at 11:30 pm for a last bottle to fill her belly - and she was allowed clear fluids up to 4 hrs before- so I woke her again for a bottle of water to try and ease her day.

We were sent upstairs to peds and Paige was given a cute, but way too large hospital gown to wear.
Luckily by that time, my mom and dad joined us in the hospital so I didn't have to spend the day there by myself.

We walked down the hall to the play room to let Paige move around a bit and get her squirmy's out of the way...

From there we were eventually brought into the pre-op section where they administered the oral sedative to her. Like a good girl she swallowed it all - and the result?? Dead asleep on mommy's shoulder. Asleep, is not even correct, poor girl was OUT COLD! Comatose?? So, hence, few pictures of her waiting for surgery.

When the anaesthesiologist came to get her I easily put her in the hospital crib/bed and followed them down the long hallway to the OR. As we walked down the hall, I swear, a collective "Awwwww" let out through the hallway as the other nurses and hospital staff took a peek at the cute little baby being wheeled down. (I must was nice to hear other people oohing and ahhing over your kid, ya know?)

Of course the procedure went quickly - and the Dr came out to get me as soon as it was over. Paige did great- and, surprise surprise...there was an infection in one of her ears! (Yes, he could still do the surgery, they simply drained out the fluid in there).

When she was in recovery the poor girl couldn't stay asleep comfortably. She was so wiggly, squiggly and unhappy. She just tried to fight the anesthesia and didn't know what to do with herself because of how she was feeling. They finally brought us over a few 2 oz bottles of Glucose water (sugar water) because she hadn't eaten in so many hours!

FINALLY we got sent upstairs to peds again where the baby girl was groggy, uncomfortable and just unsure of what was happening. She cried a little,nothing too much, but she just wanted lots of cuddling...
And...she got her very first Ice Pop!! Mmmmm

She loved eating that ice pop!!!
However, I really wanted to get some "real" food in her so I asked if they'd please give me some formula for her to drink before we left...after about 2 oz of formula her color looked a bit better and she certainly perked up a bit!

Then, we got discharged! Paige did great the rest of the day overall. A bit fussy at times, but, heck, her body just went through a lot! As the day went on she played with her brother in their usual manner.
At night she did have what I called a Puke Extravaganza while she was settling down for bed-- I think it may have just been from the anesthesia in her system... once she got it all out, she got cozy for bed, and slept soundly all night long.

What a good girl!!! ;0)
Here's hoping this is the END of ear infections (for a while anyway) in the family!


Gina said...

She's such a trooper! What a good girl! Glad everything went well.

Fire Wife said...

Whew! So sorry she (and you!) had to go thru that, but hopefully no more ear infections!