Monday, September 6, 2010

Kids fall.

(sorry, I've been a craptastic blogger lately. And I owe a blog about my craptastic blogging lately. There are some stories there)

This past Sat. Jason played in an all day (yes...from 8am - 8pm) memorial softball tournament... leaving me to entertain myself and the kids all day! I did actually have a very busy day - between brunch with some mama friends, visiting daddy at the ball field, and hanging at a friends clam bake (Mmmm thanks Amy!!!!!) we were all over!

However... as we were getting dressed to head out for our busy day, Paige was sitting on my lap on the couch...
So, busy/hurrying mommy + squiggly squirmy baby girl =DISASTER!
She flipped off the couch (FLIPPED!!!!) and landed on the floor - ON HER HEAD... ohhh the screams!! Not to mention her crying! haha I really did freak out though. She was ok - I watched her, checked her out - and she was ok, just bumped up and scared. Ohhh...Mommy made sure to give extra kisses. Connor even got scared so he gave the baby some kisses too!

Fast forward...clam bake!!
Aunt Amy - had lots of puppy visitors at her house - Connor was in heaven!!! He was running around the yard with the dogs, having a blast! As he was climbing up the porch steps (4 or 5 of them) we all sort of realized - this could be dangerous.
He no sooner reached the top when he decided he wanted to to back down to the dogs...he stood at the top step with his back to the stair case. As I, and a few other people, called to him and tried to get him away from the stairs... he tumbled backwards down the staircase...ugh... he did jump up, crying, of course... so he was ok as well.
So excited Connor + open staircase+ puppies + FREEDOM = Mommy jumping out of her chair, plopping Paige into the closest persons arms, jumping down the porch stairs and DISASTER!!!!!

I mean, I know kids fall -but, really...

Did they BOTH have to fall on the same day????

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Kayla said...

Sounds a bit traumatizing....for the momma! The babies bounce back so fast but we always take it the hardest.