Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In a Nutshell.

Here's a super fast catch up of life:
  • Our computer crashed 1-2 weeks ago and Jason's been working hard to get it back into gear-- getting there slowly but surely. It just isn't running quite right yet therefore it annoys me to use it sometimes.
  • I spent the last 3/5 days of my vacation AT WORK prepping my classroom.
  • The other days were jam packed with visits to friends, family days, etc...
  • We've been DISPLACED from our home -- KILLER BEES!!!!! Ok, maybe not killer bees-but we've been infested with bees in our home and have been staying with Jason's g-ma while the landlords "tried" to fix it. (aka, avoided calling the exterminator for 4 days because its cheaper now that the holiday is over). Its kind of annoying to NOT be living in your house. Oh least its not too far from home (10 min)
  • Paige's surgery for tubes was moved! It was originally scheduled for Sept 20th - and was fairly last minute moved to Sept 9- YES, THIS WEEK!!! (Thurs).
That's life, in a nutshell.
And why I've been MIA lately.

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Wow tubes so fast! I can't wait til she feels better.

Bees? Wow...that many?