Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 months old!

Paige turned 10 months old yesterday! I just can't believe that in 2 months I will have a 1 year old daughter!

Paige was willing to sit for photos yesterday...Only if she could have a pretzel. So, don't mind her shoving pretzels in her face.

Paige is approx. 19 pounds...I won't know until tomorrow how long she is! (Sure I could measure her myself, but then if the Dr says something different,blah blah blah)

Paige is still not a walker-but she sure is trying! She quite often stands unassisted for great lengths of time. She can walk up to 8 steps- but, don't distract her, or BOOM! down she goes!

She's loving meals now - when we give her some solids- scrambled eggs, fruit pieces, cheerios, she loves chewing on toast!, meatball bites, mac and cheese!


She plays rough with her big brother.I think she forgets shes so little! They laugh and laugh, and really play nicely together! (Mostly...).

Paige often says "Da-da" and "Ba-ba"... and is even beginning to say "Uppa" when she wants to be picked up. She does "SO BIG!!!" (seen in the picture of her and Connor) and claps hands!

I feel like her personality is starting to develop more strongly -- she's still my little diva, and wants to be with her Mommy often...too often... But, she can get quite animated and silly too!!!

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Kayla said...

Clever girl trading a pretzel for a picture. Little business woman!