Friday, August 13, 2010

The succesful-ish accident.

So, it seems Connor was sort of weaned off his pacifier.
I guess I didn't even realize we started the process but...we started it.
Coincidentally enough, I was just reading a great blog entry over at The place where one porkchop is required
about working on weaning her beautiful daughter off her paci. Both of our children were Oct. 08 babies- and know the task we're about to encounter!!

However... Wednesday evening we set up blankets and pillows on the living room floor for Connor to lay down and "chill out" on (we do this nightly) I was busy with a fussy Paige. So...I didn't realize that Daddy-o didn't give Connor his pacifier. Now...on Daddy's part, this was intentional, because, he's ready for Connor to stop using it.
I guess, I've been Connor's enabler.

Wednesday night, Connor fell asleep in the living room fairly quickly and I ended up carrying him to bed. He never woke up for that pacifier-- or looked for it in the morning! yes~~~

So obviuosly, he'd gone without it all day yesterday as well so I decided I better not give it to him for bedtime to see if we can continue on this path. Well, he had a tough time settling to sleep - he was pretty hyped up til almost 10pm but, wasn't crying or looking for his paci AT ALL. He was simply, hyper. So, all in all, i suppose, this is fairly succesful considering it was half-accidental (on my part)...

I guess, its better now than never unless I want him to recieve his Ph.D with a paci


Sippy Cup Mom said...

LOL, yay Connor!

I was all determined to take Hayden's away after his first birthday and he gave it up himself at 11 months. I was sad though!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I was so lucky w/ both my kids when it came to their binky. My daughter quit taking hers at 6 months and my son never used one.

Karen and Tim said...

That is great!! No more paci.