Sunday, August 1, 2010


Every so often I empty out the diaper bag and then refill it with "stuff" again.
I always try to pack moderately, because I have bad tenden 1cy to always pack TOO much.
"What If" always runs through my mind, so I add one extra thing here, and grab something else as we run out the door. This always ends up causing the diaper bag to be a potpourri of stuff, where I end up having too many of one thing, and not enough of another.

Today's inventory of the diaper bag is:
  • 1 changing pad
  • 5 size 3 diapers (for Paige)
  • 4 size 5 diapers (for Connor)
  • 2 swim diapers (1 each)
  • 1 travel case of wipes
  • 1 pack of adhesive disposable placemats
  • 1 disposable bib
  • 1 tube Desitin
  • 2 "Boogie Wipes"
  • 2 mini packs tissues
  • 1 pair shorts for Connor
  • 1 t-shirt for Connor (NY Mets specifically, if anyone's interested, haha)
  • 2 rompers for Paige
  • 1 pair shorts for Paige
  • 1 onsie for Paige
  • 3 bibs 
  • 3 disposable forks
  • 2 hair clips (for Mommy)
  • 1 container Infant Acetimenophin
  • 1 container Hyland's Teething Tabs
  • 1 pair Connor's sunglasses
  • 1 pair Paige's sunglasses
  • $5 (in singles) 
  • 2 postage stamps
  • 1 feminine product
  • 1 breath mint from Sonic
  • 3 chapsticks (for Mommy)
  • 1 lip gloss (hopefully, For Mommy only)
  • 4 crinkly/chewy toys for Paige
  • 1 Spider Man action figure for Connor

So....yeah, that's a lot of stuff.

Don't let me forget to mention, I had a whole separate little cooler bag for the bottles,sippy cup and snacks.

I clearly need diaper bag packing HELP!

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Kayla said...

Good God woman! Where are you going? lol. I can't say much. I upgraded to a Columbia back pack because for some reason I needed MORE to pack around! lol

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