Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Minute - Co-Hosted BY ME!!!!!!

I'm psyched!
Today I have been honored to Co-Host the Monday Minute brought to you by The Daily Dose of Reality 
I was given "creative freedom" to make up my own questions to pose! Please play along! And...whatever you do... don't forget to sign the linky on the bottom!!!

Monday Minute

What was your "oh no, I'm turning into my Mom/Dad" moment?

I can't say that there was One defining moment. As I wander through my life I find myself saying something to a friend/family member/etc.. and realizing "Oh man...that was my Mom..." or.. "Oh...I remember when Dad always said that to me"... SO I suppose I'm morphing into my parents slowly.

What current commercial do you find the most annoying/funny?Well, the new Optimum Commercials that show the Fios guy's mom show up are pretty annoying. I can't think of a funny one that's on right now. I"m sure tomorrow I will though. 

If you could only eat one color food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Brown. That gives me iced tea, pretzels, chocolate ice cream, hamburgers, steak (I like it well done! a-ha!), whole wheat pasta (not that I eat whole wheat pasta now...) see... a pretty good variety.

What is your current Facebook/Myspace/Twitter status?

Facebook:   not finding the awesomeness in being up at 3:30 a.m.... I've been awake for an HOUR already.
Myspace: dont' have one
Twitter: Catching up on dvr while both kids sleep on me (from Sun. night)

F, Marry, Kill from this list below.  Women pick from the men, men pick from the women.

Hm... I think I would "F" Regis (yes..gross, but work with me here...)...
          Marry Perez Hilton (he'd be cool to have bitch fests with, ya know? It could be a platonic marriage)
         and Kill Justin Bieber cuz I can't STAND him. hahahaha


Gina said...

The Optimum commercials are THE WORST! Not only the Fios guy with his mom, but also the pseudo music videos. LOVE the service, HATE the ads!

Kristin Morris said...

Follwoing you from MM!!! Great questions by the way! And cute blog! ::Kristin::

Marlene said...

Thanks for coming up with these interesting questions!!!

Well done steak?! Aaack!!! Sacrilege!

Ian said...

Seriously. You cohost and you break out a well done steak?


Great job on the questions!

Fabulous Finds said...

I now have a new reason to LOVE Mondays!

Heather's In The Land Of Crazy said...

Awesome questions this week!

Hollywood Chic said...

Your newest follower and my first Monday Minute, great questions!

Best Wishes,