Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 months and 1 day...

Oopsie daisy! Well, My darling girl turned 9 months old yesterday! I did do her photo shoot yesterday but just never got around to putting up her beautiful photos!

My beautiful daughter -- at 9 months you weight slightly over 18 lbs -- (you haven't had a height/weight check lately, so I'm not exactly sure where you are).

You are growing too fast! You can clap hands and wave hi/bye. You say "da-da"!!
You have finally cut two bottom teeth!!!

You are trying to walk soo hard... but, just not quite there. You've been brave with standing and not holding on, but, that doesn't last too long. However, a few days ago you did take 3 unassisted steps! Wahoo!!!!

You're still battling ear infections - ugh, so you will be visiting the ENT next week - like your brother! Mommy needs a family discount!

Lately, sleep is difficult for you... you don't seem to want to be in your crib at night - making Mommy VERY tired.

We all love you very much big girl!

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Kayla said...

I would say poor baby but I feel so bad for Mommy! I am so sorry about your struggles.

Happy 9 Months baby girl! I hope you get to feeling better soon and stay in your crib so mommy can get some much needed rest!