Friday, July 2, 2010

Why I "curse" ShopRite and the cart of death

Yesterday I decided I would take the kids grocery shopping. (Bold move in itself, 2 kids, 1 cart, tons of groceries...)
Before we went shopping:

The shopping was actually no problem! Both of the kids were approaching naptime so they were pretty subdued as they were carted up and down the aisles. On our way out of the store there is a bit of a slope/enbankment (whatever you'd like to call it). Anyway, its steep considering you're coming out with a heavy cart. I've shopped here many times before, but never with a full cart that was also holding 2 children.

As we came out of the store, the cart started to pull away from me as a result of the weight of the cart and the hill combined. I tried to correct the cart from its pull, and, as that happened Paige's infant seat FELL OFF of the cart... As in, "OH MY GOD OOHH OHH OH (that was what I was yelling as I watched her seat literally rotate and head for the ground facing down...)!"
I caught it, just before it hit the ground - face first. I was FREAKING OUT because she almost just smashed her face on the concrete.
Needless to say... trying to catch Paige  meant Connor in the cart started to roll and tilt as well. Oh my god! I sorta caught it/stopped it with one foot/one arm and just stood there for a minute in disbelief.

Both kids are fine. Connor cried for a minute, but he heard me yell and he knew something was wrong. Paige never got hurt, I think she thought it was a roller coaster ride or something! haha

Did anyone from ShopRite come help me? NO!
A very nice old man came over and told me he would help me to my car with the cart, and for me to just carry the baby. (I wish I could thank him again. I know I did over and over yesterday, but, once more I think would be good.)
As I'm putting the baby in the car, a woman came over and said "I wanted to make sure YOU were alright...I see the kids are ok"... and she hugged me. She said "I just have to hug you because I can't believe what just happened!"

She continued to say she was going inside to complain because she's seen too many people trip or have things happen right at that spot... again, another thank you would be good for her!

-- I got them in the car, groceries in the car. Called Jason and cried!! I was holding it in, so that I could get the kids safe and off of the cart of death... but I was in shock I think. So, clearly, Jason was unsure that the whole event ended with everyone safe -- but I kept saying "I just need to cry to you!"

Ugh... obviously, I will Never take the kids to shoprite in those carts again. No way. Sorry ShopRite, you lost me.


Jennifer said...

OMG I cannot believe that! I'm sorry you had to worry and stress like that just trying to go food shopping. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I am thinking I know which Shop Rite this is, but idk for sure. I say go to Stop & Shop. I love it there. Plus you can scan your groceries as you shop!

Kayla said...

OMG I had shivers for you. I know I would have cried as soon as that woman hugged me. I can't imagine how much your heart was racing and thank God you have mommy kung fu moves.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

OMG, that's so scary! I literally gasped out loud! So glad you are all okay! I would have been sobbing hard too!

Mary P said...

Glad everyone is ok!!! Wooooo....have you been in contact with Bruce Lee? Big hugs, and :-p at Shoprite!

Fire Wife said...

Oh {{hugs}}! I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you! Thank goodness your mommy instincts kicked in along with your cat-like reflexes!


Gina said...

OMG - how scary! I'm glad you all are ok. Definitely call Shoprite and lodge a complaint. That is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kendra. It's Phoebe... I'm moving back to NY, with Amanda, in my own apartment. I thought I'd maybe just let you know I often read your blogs and laugh and almost cry with you, because you write so well(and are such an interesting and inspirational mother!) and I enjoy hearing about the kids. <3 I love you. I miss you, really, I do. I want to have a mature relationship and I know this is a bit personal for a blog comment, but whenever you are ready, I am ready, and I promise to put forth any effort needed in order to have you feel comfortable.