Friday, July 16, 2010

Reasons to change your clothes

So in the past 21 months - especially with two children - I've had NUMEROUS events occur that have required me to change my clothes before leaving for work, the mall, a visit etc...  It's always so frustrating to think you and the kids are "totally ready" only to find that you need to change! Especially when changing involves agonizing over what fits, what fits but makes you look fat, what doesn't really match, etc...

Some of the reasons I've been forced to change my shirt (sometimes pants) before leaving the house are:
  • SPIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • baby food stains
  • too many boogers (yup, that was this morning)
  • animal crackers smeared all over
  • gotten peed on!

So...I'm sure you can all relate as parents...
The best is when you get to work and realize you have a beautiful stain from your child and didn't catch it in time to change and your co-workers decide to keep "pointing out" something on your shirt. Your reply "Animal Crackers".


Fire Wife said...

I can totally sympathize! Probably all parents can. I've decided that if I miss a spot & notice when I get to work that I have a lovely stain, well, that's my badge of honor as a parent.

Kayla said...

ah but this is my life. I wear black pants a lot so I always miss the big slobber spot on the back of my leg from him hugging me or God knows what at the bottom of my shirt because he grabs on me to pull him up. I do feel your pain and I have about 6 loads of laundry a week to show for it!