Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paige's 8 month visit. And "EarWatch 2010"

Paige had her check up today -- although, we did have to wait quite a while before the doctor saw us...(which is atypical at this office, so I let them slide.)

 Paige gave up on waiting:

She weighs in at 17 lbs 14 oz and is 26.5 inches long!
(I did a comparison to Connor at 8 months... he was 22 lbs and also 26.5 inches long!!!)

The doctor was quite pleased with her growth and development thus far - so, YAY Paige!


EarWatch 2010
Earwatch 2010 is on - in full effect.
For both children.
Connor's surgery is scheduled for Monday (time TBA) however... I'm suspicious that he may have an ear infection right now. He always pulls at his ears because he's so uncomfortable - but, something tells me that he decided to "go out with a bang" and get another infection. I'm keeping an eye on him (and his EARS) and debating whether or not a doctors visit (Yes, another, ugh) is in order.

Paige is also on "ear watch" per the pediatrician. Since she's had a handful of problems with her ears lately and the doctor told me "We don't like summer ear infections"... we are keeping watch. At today's check up she said that it (not sure what "it" is) was thicker than normal, but not red and she didn't see excess fluid. 
HOWEVER -- Paige is still on her antibiotics from the latest ear infection - so this is sort of a pseudo "good check up". The doctor said that the upcoming week or so will really be the "true test" to see if it finally cleared up or not.

So...ladies and gentlemen... the E family Earwatch 2010 is in full effect!


Karen and Tim said...

Hoping Earwatch doesn't lat too long for your kiddos.

Mary P said...

Glad Miss P is growing so well, but BOO to the ears :-(