Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gender Roles

Yesterday I was going through the toy boxes to "recycle" the toys that the kids play with. I found a few toys we had put away while they were too small to enjoy, and brought out a few "new" toys for each of them.

Well, just today after dinner Jason was sitting with Connor showing him the baseball glove and baseball that was his and trying to teach him how to wear it and catch with it! We've had this glove and ball set since Connor was still in his infant carrier - but, Daddy needed to purchase his little boys first ball glove! Connor of course loved it, and enjoyed the special time with his Dad.

However... on the other side of the living room I was sitting with Paige showing her the toy that I thought she'd like. Her babydoll. Its great- its a newborn Cabbage Patch Doll - the newborn ones aren't as large as the traditional Cabbage Patch Kids. Paige got the doll at Christmas and I put it away until just now.

These are both GREAT toys for the kids -- but, at that very moment I realized that we were subconsciously setting the example of  "gender roles"-- Daddy teaching Connor baseball while Mommy taught Paige about playing dolly.

Maybe tomorrow I'll teach Connor dolly and Paige can play catch with Dad.

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Fire Wife said...

Good for you! FireGirl LOVES trucks, and occasionally I'll get comments on how she should be playing with dolls instead. Drives me nuts. If my kid likes trucks, my kid likes trucks!