Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ears...I hate them.

Yes, you "heard" me right... I hate ears.

In the last 3 weeks Connor has had 2 double ear infections (which also means two trips to pediatrician) and 2 trips to the ENT - first for a consultation (which resulted in setting up a surgery date for him getting tubes in his ears) and the second for an audiological evaluation.

In addition to that - Paige has had 2 infections in her left ear (two additional trips to the pediatian) PLUS there was one trip in between there to check her and the infection cleared up but the fluid has not. Her latest diagnosis of an ear infection was just today. Since she has a well baby check up next week the doctor said we will recheck and discuss further based on what she sees then.

In the meantime... I have grown to HATE all things ears.

Would it be justifiable to just cut off my kids ears? Really? Some type of insanity plea must work....


Kayla said...

Not sure about cutting them off lol. I hate ears too. Clayton has had 5 ear infection episodes and two of those have been double ear infections. I hate ears!

Leslie said...

Poor with their ears!! kidding. Well anyways, apparently my Mom felt the same way because I was an ear infection baby! I had tubes too. Allergies maybe to food? Have they given you any ideas?