Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Connor Got Tubes

Yesterday was a big day... Jason & I had to be at the hospital with Connor by 6:15 for his 7:45 surgical procedure. I had packed a big bag of comfy clothes and toys from home to keep him occupied while we waited (and to calm my nerves I think!).

We arrived at the hospital by 6:15 and were very quickly brought upstairs to the (4th fl) pediatric wing where we waited for further instructions. The nurses came in, took Connor's vitals, put his name band on his ankle and gave him a gown to change into. Then, we waited. The cool part?? He got to play in the peds playroom -which was way cooler than the toys I brought from home.

Around 7 a.m. we were brought down to the 2nd floor to pre-op.Connor wasn't so sure -- so he was holding on to Mommy & Daddy (And his favorite Elmo doll) for security rather than sit in the crib/bed. When we walked into pre-op 2 of the nurses said "OH A BABY! I want him!" haha - and the quickest nurse won. She was great with Connor - let Elmo wear a doctors mask and cap to show Connor what the doctors would look like. Except, Connor did NOT like Elmo wearing that stuff!
While we waited Connor explored his pre-op bay a bit...

She had to give him a liquid sedative orally - which, he resisted, but, once he got some he immediately became sleepy and goofy - it was funny to see him acting so goofy but, he did seem a bit drunk!
As it kicked in more heavily he was very clingy and cuddly so he sat in my lap until they came to tell us he was ready for the OR.

Jason and I were both allowed to escort him into the OR while they put him under the anesthesia -- it was extremely difficult to watch your child being put asleep but, we were glad that he was with us rather than being taken by the doctors and totally freaked out.

My dad was waiting for us in the waiting room and he sat with us during the procedure - which, really only took 10-15 minutes but boy, was that a LONG 15 minutes!
Connor, of course, did great --the doctor said he drained a lot of fluid from both ears but everything went quite well.
Connor was in recovery - so we were brought back to sit with him until he woke up. I actually hated seeing him like that too - even though I knew it was such a minor procedure, seeing him lay in a hospital bed is a bit unnerving...


Connor woke up very nicely - and just wanted to cuddle with us after he saw that we were sitting by his bed. The nurses quickly let us hold him, and were more than happy to play with him!
We didn't have to stay in recovery too long - we were brought back up to pediatrics, and Connor was given a popsicle!! Yay!! Grandpa came back up to see his buddy. 
Connor was more than happy to show off his popsicle, in fact, he got a SECOND popsicle for the road! Connor was only monitored for 30 min or so,and we were sent home -- 
We were back in our living room by 10 a.m. 

It was a "long day" already for us.
He had lots of visitors at the house yesterday too - Grammy, Grandma & Grandpa T and Aunt Laurie!
Connor seems to be doing very well, he's still quite tired-but, he is my trooper! 

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Mrs. B said...

So glad that he (and you!) did great!!!