Thursday, July 1, 2010

21 months old.


You are so close to being 2 years old. I can't believe it!
You are now a "big boy" -not a baby! You weigh 29 lbs 3 oz and are 33 inches long.
Everyone loves your "curls" on top of your head. You make the silliest expressions, and know how to make everyone fall in love with you in an instant.
You still aren't really speaking much - but, we did just find out that because of your many ear infections the pediatrician and ENT want you to have tubes put in your ears. Your procedure is scheduled for July 26. I'm hoping that once you can hear a little more clearly you will start talking away! I'm very interested in what you have to say!

Right now I'm on a 2 week break before going back to work for summer session and I'm enjoying my days with you. Every morning when you wake up, I bring you into my bed (Daddy's already out for work so we have plenty of room!) and we cuddle! Sometimes you fall back to sleep, other times we play and watch cartoons.

Did I mention I can't believe you are almost 2 years old!
Mommy loves you and is always proud of you!


Mary P said...

sighhhhh.....2 is such a bigger number than 1 :-( it's getting closer and closer! Where'd our 4 month old babies go? Happy 21 months Connor <3

Kayla said...

Happy 21 months! So adorable. I love cuddling and watching cartoons. Potato turns 19 months tomorrow. I am still working on my time machine to stop my baby from growin. I will let you borrow it ;-)!