Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That's what its all about

So, I know that "part of being a parent" means you are up at all ungodly hours with sick children.
Last night, Paige (sick w/swollen glands, terrible congestion and ear infection) woke up around 3:15. She ate a little bit, I gave her some drops in her ear to help the pain, I rubbed some Baby Vicks on her chest and held her and rocked her.

She started coughing, the congestion was just causing a nagging cough... until, she threw up. It was actually good for her, because she got some of the gook out -- but, ugh...for Mommy.

Her and I were up until 4:15 because she just couldn't get herself know how it is when you're feeling lousy.

Anyway- shortly after she fell back to sleep - Connor lets out a yell! It was almost 5 a.m. and I didn't want her waking up after she just fell asleep so I swooped him out of the crib and into my bed! I let him fall asleep there with us... but I never sleep very soundly when he's in the bed because I just worry that he will fall off, or something -- so...needless to say, my sweet slumber was interrupted at 3 a.m. never to return quite the same.

So, please, before you tell me "Welcome to parenthood" or, "Thats what happens when you become a parent" please stop yourself because I might throw something at you. And right now, the two closest items are my coffee mug and my phone.

Does it really suck less being up at those times because you're a parent? Uh...NO.


Kayla said...

I completely understand and I dont have anyone stupid enough around me to say oh its lovely to be a parent huh lol. Potato has been suffering with a horrible cough this week and well every sound he makes in his room my mommy radar picks up on and that means no sleep for me ;-(! now to make my coffee

Fire Wife said...

I hear ya!