Friday, June 11, 2010

The end of the evening...

So we had a lovely Friday evening with my mom and stepfather. We met up with them for dinner and then went across to the mall to pick up a few things. On the ride home (35 min. approx) Paige was VERY fussy and crying. I could tell from her cry something was bothering her. We pulled over.
Hungry? No.
Wet?   No.
Teeth bothering you? Don't think so...
after mentally going over the ":Fussy Baby" checklist -- we decided to just truck on...
She started fussing harder, louder and more intense, more screaming in fact. I said to Jason "JUST DRIVE!".

So, 5 minutes before home, she stops crying and dozes off  (phew!).
We get home, take her out of the carseat-- DIRTY DIAPER!!!!!!!! (she must have been "working on it" when I checked her).

Anyway...we're home, Paige is now clean and calm.

TIME FOR BED CONNOR! -- *remember...we were already PAST bedtime when we left the mall.
Well, Jason tries to bring him upstairs to change his diaper and clothes for bed-- and not once,not twice, but THREE times-- Connor vomits ALL OVER Jason, our hallway floor and our bedroom floor. Ugh and ew!
Of course Connor is crying a little now, because really, who likes to vomit?!

So, I run upstairs, put Paige in her crib- grab Connor throw him in the tub STILL fully dressed - and start running the water while stripping him down.

As I'm washing off Connor, Jason is not only cleaning himself off, but trying to attack the mess on the floors. After Connor was cleaned, he sat playing in the tub for a few minutes -- low and behold-- POOPS IN THE TUB!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?

Thankfully, Paige was playing happily in her crib and just fell asleep. Connor and all of his bodily functions were taken care of as well... and he is sleeping peacefully as well.

What a night!


Kayla said...

I think i would be crying in the corner. I only have one and I can't even imagine having two. I don't think I am mentally prepared for it! I am glad to hear everyone is peacefully relaxing!

Mary P said...

oh, how fun :-) Hope everyone is feeling better today xxxx