Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An award.!

My friend Kayla over at her blog and Potato Makes Three! gave me a blog award! Be sure to check out her blog - I really enjoy reading about her life, and looking at the photos she shares!

This award requires the "winner" to share 7 things about themselves... here goes!

1. I don't care for white cars. Random, I know, but they don't do anything for me. (Sorry white car owners. Please like me still.)

2. Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is my most favorite ice cream of all times. I could eat a pint of it in one sitting and still want more. Mmmmm.

3. I love taking pictures of the kids! I would really like a better camera so I can learn a little bit about photography.

4. I love the mornings when I can bring both kids in bed and snuggle. I feel like "time ends" there, and could do that all day.

5. Getting dirty doesn't bother me. I am always sitting myself right down on the ground with the kids at school, or with my own kids. I'd rather be dirty with glue, paint, playdoh, bubbles (whatever) and know that fun was had - than staying clean and refraining from the fun!

6. Most times, I'd rather text than talk on the phone.

7. Sometimes I wish I was more confident and outspoken. I sometimes walk away from a situation at home, work, public (even minor situations) where if I had just spoken up and not been nervous I would have gotten a better end result. Truth be told, doing so often terrifys me.

Now...I would like to pass the blog award on to 3 bloggers...


Jennifer said...

aww thanks for giving me the award! I too love getting dirty when doing cooking is pretty funny.

Mary P said...

Thanks for the award :-) I had to steal the one about being dirty too--it just SO applies to me! Lots of <3