Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Yours Is Mine and Whats Mine is....

...Still Mine.

Connor LOVES his baby sister. As long as she is not touching, sitting in/on, thinking about, drooling on or in arms length of anything deemed to be HIS. Well, since he was around first -- just about everything in this house is his...even if he hasn't used it since he was less than a year old.

He knows what toys are "hers" and gives them to her. When she is using something of his, he either rips it away from her or tries to yank her out of it. Once she is AWAY from his things he waits until we aren't looking and drags the item to the other side of the living room so we can't give it back to her. No lie. It's amusing...but, unforutnately, he needs to learn to share sooner than later.

Exhibit A:
Paige has beach ball...
Connor spies Paige with beach ball and SNATCHES beach ball
Connor tries to hide beach ball behind Pack and Play

Exhibit B: Paige has Connor's bear, Connor Takes Connor's bear....


Mary P said...

Did I ever tell you what my brother did to me? Connor will get paid-back! My brother learned to hit himself....and make it really loud...loud enough for my parents to come running and blame me for hitting my little brother. I tried explaining, but they didn't want to hear it. Every time I got sent to my room, I'd look back and see my brother smirking...I'm still working on it in therapy ;-)

Mama Hen said...

Ah the "mine, mine" stage. What a stage. This too shall pass. I just found your blog and it is very cute! I became a follower. Visit me at Mama's Little Chick -

Mama Hen