Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A week... and ZIP IT!

Wow, bad blogger... I haven't updated in a whole week.
I guess nothing too exciting has gone on.

Except, much to my delight, I taught Connor to say "ZIP IT" to Daddy. hahha
We were at dinner the other night and while Jason was talking I told Connor "Tell Daddy ZIP IT!" (and there was a little hand motion to go along with it).

Connor found that hilarious and every time I said and did "ZIP IT" he was belly laughing. He would then just stare at Jason out of the corner of his eye and grin -- as if he were truly contemplating telling his Daddy to "ZIP IT"... meanwhile Connor and I shared many more laughs while I did the routine.

Suddenly, Jason was starting to tell me something and Connor shouted "Da!!!!" we looked at him, he put his hand out and went "a-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"!!

hahaha!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard, and Connor was so proud of himself...that for the next few minutes each time Jason tried to start the story Connor would say "A-ZZZZZZZZZ!!!" while putting his hand out to Jason! boy. Mommy is quite proud of you for that one!! And we shared many laughs too!

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Kayla said...

lmao! That is so funny!