Sunday, May 16, 2010

Babies, babies Everywhere!!

First, I'd like to CONGRATULATE my cousin Alyssa & her husband Paul on their beautiful new baby daughter. Baby Cameron was born yesterday (May 15th) 8 lbs 11 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. I can not wait to meet her and squeeze her!

Also, two of my friends Eliana and Karen gave birth to their sons this week!
Eliana is now the proud new Mommy toEthan Michael and Karen is the proud new Mommy to Jack Owen.

I am thrilled that all of these new babies have entered my friends and families lives!
Not to mention, I know of a few pregnancies (some not secret anymore, some still secret) so I will just "congratulate" them without shouting out who you are!

Despite how happy I am for all of these new moms and soon to be new moms I can't help but admit I've had many "Thank God I'm not pregnant anymore" moments... after almost 2 years of being pregnant - its nice to have "my" body back (even if its not how i want it to look...).

Although...Jason keeps telling me he thinks I'm going through pregnancy withdrawl haha.
Well, maybe a little.... but it doesn't mean I'm ready to join the club again.


Kaybee said...

There were so many pregnant ladies on my local board this year so like half my facebook friends were pregnant and now have babies. It's weird because they ask silly questions that I think are weird and then I realize that they're new moms and I was once one of them :)

Kayla said...

Your babies are beautiful! I have the baby itch again. My Potato is 18mths and I really want another. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I am a new follower for you!

Steph said...

Your children are gorgeous! :)

New follower from the Bump!