Sunday, April 11, 2010

I miss reading.

I love to read. I think I have read ONE book since Connor was born -- yes, 18 month old Connor.
Wait. Allow me to clarify. I have read MANY books since Connor was born. But, I have not read more than ONE book for myself.

I can fully discuss the finer points of the literary masterpieces known as: "Elmo & Daddy", "Kittens", "Driving My Tractor", "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", and "Where the Wild Things Are". Granted, they are some great books-- but... I miss reading.

Why don't I read? I'm lazy. Yup. Once both kids fall asleep I have a few minutes to start getting myself ready for work the next day (setup coffee pot, fix my lunch save some time the following morning) so by the time I'm done -- I am lazy and figure its easier to hop on the computer for a couple minutes instead of reading.

So, yes,I miss reading and its my own fault I don't read --but in the meantime, it seems like "Elmo & Daddy" it is!


Anonymous said...

It won't change a Christmas tradition. GF

Anonymous said...

It won't change a Christmas tradition. GF

Mrs E said...

Good-- just gives me more incentive.

kadensmommy said...

I have been thinking about this so much too! The only books I have read that aren't among the Eric Carle variety are parenting books. I am struggling trying to motivate myself to snuggle up with a book, but like you, it's just easie to jump online. one of these days...we will indulge!