Sunday, April 25, 2010

Appreciated? Or Bitch Slap!?

For some reason having children automatically makes strangers think it is OK to talk to you - no matter what they have to say. Some comments are appreciated, others, deserve a bitch slap.

Allow me to provide some examples:

1) My mom was holding Paige in the diner last week and a woman came over to us before she left and said to my mom "From one grandmother to another, that is a BEAUTIFUL baby"... APPRECIATED!

2) Just yesterday morning we were out to breakfast with my mom and stepfather and Connor was running through the restaurant after Daddy as we were leaving. He was not loud, or touching anything, just running after Daddy. A gentleman was sitting facing the aisle Connor was in, as I chased him -- and the gentleman giggled and said "I see he keeps you busy! God Bless" -- Ok, that is also appreciated!

3) Last week when I was on the rail trail with some friends I was pushing the double stroller. Connor was sitting up front and shaking his head back and forth, being a silly kid. A little hyper, but so what, he was sitting! So a passerby says "Oohh he seems like he has a lot of energy! (so far...this comment is ok....)" I smiled and said "yes!"

Then...she proceeds to stare at Connor and say "Yeah, I'm sure that your mom begs for bedtime every night." Ummmmm BITCH SLAP!

So, "strangers" -- I'll keep the cute comments, you know where you tell me how pretty/handsome/cute/silly my kids are, thank you very much. And YOU can keep the "handful" comments to yourself - unless you want a good old fashioned bitch slap.

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