Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I would like to thank the Academy...

Another Blog Award!! Thank you!!!!!

From Di* over at My Big FAT Italian Blog -- ;0) I'm glad to be on your list of blogs you love...and of course...I love YOUR blog!!!

So, now it is my turn to list ten things that make my day... followed by a list of blogs I love that I would like to award for 'making me happy'

MY TOP 10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY (in no particular order)

1. My son Connor. He makes me laugh, squeal with delight as he learns new things - he melts my heart when he wraps his arms around my neck to hug me and he grabs so tight he gets caught in my hair... He is a joy to my everyday.

2. My daughter Paige. She smiles and coos when I lean over her bassinet every morning - the perfect way to begin my morning. I love when she snuggles up to me as she sleeps - her head resting on the crease in my arm, her body smooshed against me... ahhh....I wish I could hold her all day.

3. My husband. Sure, he's a pain in the ass -- but I love him! He makes me laugh, makes me smile when he surprises me with little thoughtful gestures -- even if its just buying me a scratchoff because I love them -- or (like last week) surprising me at work by stopping by with the kids!

4. My sister -- she's my BFF. Thanks Kel, I love you. Talk to you every day...

5. The rest of my family -- thank you too....

6. My cats. They are snugglers -- and just amusing to watch!

7. My morning coffee.... ahhh where would I be without you!

8. Ahh the springtime weather!!! I couldn't be happier than when the weather is so sunny and gorgeous!

9. My friends -- friends from near and far - friends from "In real life" or on the net -- thank you for chats, e-mails, laughs etc...

10. My new mattress -- seriously... it makes me wake up happy every day for the last 2 weeks since we bought it.