Thursday, March 25, 2010

A couple of answers...!!!!

I had a few questions asked of me...and I will respond...

1) Do Connor and Paige sleep through the night?
Connor does, luckily, sleep through the night. We were just in the midst of battling a sleep regression" phase where he would scream and fight us as we put him to bed. It has been a week of "fighting" but seems like he's finally back on track. However - other than that (and barring major illness) he sleeps 10-11 hours a night.

Paige does not sleep through the night yet. However, I can not complain because at the age of 4 months old, she only wakes up once a night for feedings. And, lately, her wakings are getting later and later -- so she's almost waking up "extra early" in the morning...

2) Is it alot harder with 2?
Ummm....yes! Ha ha ha. I'm not going to lie, that there are times that it is very hard with two. However, its because my two are so close in age, essentially still babies each. Paige is much better as far as colic goes -- but she's still borderline fussy (a diva as I like to call her) and Connor is a stunt man in training -- so never a moments rest.

That being said -- I love it - and I love watching Connor snuggle (or try to) his baby sister -- and I love watching Paige laugh at him now that she notices him!

3) I was curious about your mom and dad, your silbings(how many do you have? do they have children?).
My family -- my parents don't live too far (each within 1-1 1/2 hrs) from me. And, I like to consider myself lucky to have a good relationship w/my family.

My sister is my best friend...- Kelley (aka Aunt Kelley)also lives just over 1 hr away in NYC. She's a busy bee planning her wedding to an awesome guy (Uncle Steve) and we're so happy he'll be officially joining our family!!! (no kids for them yet...but Connor & Paige need cousins!!!) We talk just about every day (either phone, text, facebook, email or multiple ways) and we try to see one another as often as possible!

And my In-laws -- we live close to my in-laws (within 10 min) and they're great -- I am lucky, lucky, lucky to have a great relationship with them. I know many people "dread" visiting with their in-laws -but we're lucky to spend a lot of time with them, and have a very good relationship with one another.

4) When am I moving to South Carolina??
Well, if I told Jason I wanted to move NOW, we'd be in South Carolina. He's dying to move out of NY - but I'm scared to move to a place where we have no family awaiting our arrival...

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Mary P said...

Answers to answers:

Maybe your whole family wants to move? (please?)

Friends are family :0)

If not, always know you have a place to visit <3

p.s. I am going to borrow this idea for my blog--great idea!!!