Tuesday, February 9, 2010

National Doctor Month

Ok, so there really is no such month - but my household has seemed to keep the medical economy thriving over the past month between doctor visits, hospital copays and prescription copays...

January 18 - Paige had her 2 month "well-baby" visit.
January 22 - Connor had his 15 month "well-baby" visit.
January 22 - Paige visits the doctor later on for problems with congestion/breathing.
January 22 - Paige admitted into the hospital until January 25
January 26 - Paige visits the doctor for a post hospital discharge check up
January 26 - Connor visits the doctor for a fever/cold -- turns out he has ear infection
January 26 - Kendra visits the doctor for major cough/congestion
January 26 - Prescriptions needed: Albuterol for Paige's nebulizer treatments
Ammoxicillin for Connor's ear infection
Ammoxicillin for Kendra's cough/infection
Advair 250/50 (higher strength inhaler for Kendra due
to cough/congestion)
Proventil Inhaler for Kendra
February 3 - Paige to doctor to check on concerns with her breathing/congestion/cough
February 5 - Paige needs a refill picked up on her Albuterol for nebulizer treatments
February 9 - Paige to doctor for low fever -- turns out she has ear infection
February 9 - Prescriptions needed: Paige gets more refills filled for her Albuterol.
Paige gets Ammoxicillin for ear infection.

Phew.... you are welcome Doctors of America

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