Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend in the Hospital

I owe a long blog about Paige's weekend in the hospital. It will probably be a multi-part blog as it was a long ordeal but the most important part is that she is home and definitely feeling better.

The story begins...last week....
Paige had a slight runny nose Tuesday but I assumed it was a natural reaction from her 2 month old shots that she got on Monday... Tuesday night the congestion increased and by Wednesday she was starting to cough so I thought it was a cold rather than reaction from the shots...still, nothing of much concern. Nothing other than thinking how much it stinks that my little girl has a cold.

Wednesday night her coughing was more frequent and we were noticing her nose was pretty stuffy - by Thursday night she was coughing almost non-stop so I slept with her on my chest on the couch downstairs because Jason & I couldn't sleep comfortably and we both checked on her continually.

Friday afternoon I took her to the doctor - her pulse ox was good (96) but the doctor felt that her breathing was too rapid - she was working too hard to breathe so she gave her a nebulizer treatment in the office and did a check on her afterwards. The doctor didn't see much of an improvement and felt the next step was to send us to the hospital. She felt that since it was a weekend we'd be better off there.

So...we arrive at Vassar Brothers Medical Center (the same hospital where the kids were born) around 6 p.m. and get admitted...shuffled up to the pediatric floor and shown our "room".

An emotional experience - a whirlwind feeling - holding my 2 month old looking around the surroundings seeing sick children and their families...

Paige was greeted by a nurse, Rita, who ended up being with us throughout the entire ordeal -- Rita tried to reassure us that Paige was in the right place and she tried to walk us through what was going to happen over night. Shortly thereafter, Paige was taken to the "treatment room" to get her IV needle set up (we were allowed to join her, but Jason and I felt that we shouldn't watch them insert it in her as we may want to attack the nurses for making her cry...)

The rest of Friday went by in a blur - nurses in and out, tech's in and out, the respiratory staff in and out every 4 hrs to give treatments....

Jason had to leave me to go home with Connor so I slept in the hospital with Paige -- well, slept is not really the word- I dozed off occasionally and was constantly calling and/or text messaging Jason with every update possible. Before he left he requested to be notified anytime someone walked in the room and even looked at her... since he couldn't be there he wanted a play by play of all activity involving Paige.... and that was our Friday.

<--Paige just returning from "treatment room" with IV set up
<--- Her IV, just hasn't been hooked up to her yet.
<--- Paige's monitor - to monitor her Pulse Ox and heart rate

< --- somehow managing to stay comfy

(To Be Continued....)


Anonymous said...

Wish List Wednesday -- Paige coming home OK -- was granted. GF

Mary P said...

:-( lots of kisses

Anonymous said...

Taylor and I are so happy that our friend is feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Oh she is so cute!!