Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend in the Hospital Part 3

We wake up in our new room -- ready for the doctor visit - feeling hopeful that today may bring us good news. News of discharge from the hospital that is. Its just a matter of waiting for whenever the doctor shows up!

Jason & I eat some breakfast, and he spends some snuggling time with Paige while I sit back and relax (as much as a hospital allows for relaxing).

The pediatrician actually arrived fairly early for a Sunday (around 10 a.m.) -- he listens to her chest, checks her Pulse Ox and has a brief discussion with our nurse (Rita - the same nurse that checked us in on Friday!). The conclusion?! Paige can go home! Yay!!!!

So, of course, the discharge process takes a while by the time they hunt down a nebulizer for us to bring home, they have to remove her IV and have the paperwork completed. It was approx 12 noon when Rita came in with paperwork in hand -ready for us to leave...

Jason was downstairs bringing the car around to the front of the hospital.

As Rita is checking over the paperwork with me - and doing all "last minute things" Paige started coughing. Really coughing. Turning red, not able to catch her breath quick enough. The nurse was very concerned - as she was basically choking on her mucous. She had what they call a "mucous plug" - it blocked her airway - and she was unable to clear it on her own sometimes medical intervention (suctioning/oxygen) may be necessary. Due to the potential severity of the situation (if not cleared in time baby could stop breathing...) the nurse would not continue with the discharge and requested we wait a few hours -- I called Jason's phone immediately and told him to get upstairs because Paige was having a hard time and we weren't going home.
I was freaking out. So scared. The nurse was still with me, she had Paige on the hospital bed suctioning her nose and mouth out a bit. By the time Jason got back she started coughing up the mucous plug - but still having trouble getting it all out.
Now, he was freaked out too.
Luckily, Rita was awesome - tried to reassure us its fairly common but just better to keep her where she was so that if it happened again they could get to her ASAP.

We thought we just had to wait a few hours before going home but, after a call from the doctor, he suggested one more night because now Paige was getting more congested and even vomiting up mucous with her formula. (A totally normal occurrence - as babies can't clear the mucous on their own -- but now she wasn't keeping her formula down as well.)
To help Paige out we started mixing 50% formula with 50% pedialite to make it a thinner consistency. more night together in the hospital...

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