Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekend in the Hospital Part 2

Paige's IV was eventually hooked up to the fluids in the early morning hours because she wasn't eating more than a half ounce at a time (pre-sickness she was eating up to 4 oz per feeding). So, now my poor little peanut had wiring from her foot (the monitor) and the tubing from her arm...

it made it so much harder to snuggle her, but I did my best!

Paige's pulse ox remained strong through the night and into Saturday so she never needed oxygen. She continued with her round the clock nebulizer treatments and the introduction of Chest PT (the cupped hand method).

At this point she had been diagnosed with Bronchiolitis - but tested negative for RSV

Throughout the day on Saturday I received many texts, phone calls and visits from friends and family to express their concern and love for Paige. It is truly appreciated -- it helps when you have people that care - even if its just a simple text asking how things were going.

Paige even got a cute little stuffed elephant from her buddies Parker & James - it spent the rest of Saturday - Monday in the bed with her.

I suppose in the hospital its always a good thing when your days go by fairly uneventful (as the patient that is...) so Saturday rolled on with the "support care" as the nursing staff called it (just enough attention to keep her comfortable, but no immediate action of medicines or major treatments needed).

We did switch rooms Saturday evening (that's another story --) but it was to leave a room where the patient (another baby) had their ENTIRE family there all day (the entire family included 3 siblings all under 10 yrs of age...) luckily I got a solo room to sleep in that night...

--and that was Saturday

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