Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Happy Halloween!! Connor had so much fun getting all dressed up as a spider, perhaps he was the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

He had fun running around the development with his pumpkin getting it filled up. Of course he did become much more interested in the contents of his pumpkin than anything else!

My Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Running After Daddy to go Trick or Treating!!

He's got some loot!

See Mommy?!?!

Trying to eat his candy.

And, of course, his Halloween PJs!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law

Ok, well my saga with the doctor office and the Labor & Delivery room is another blog entirely because there is just so much information -- but what you DON'T know is about my run in with the law before this all started.

Thursday afternoon I left work early to go to the OBs office because I was feeling some cramping/pains. On my way there, I was driving down Route 9S and passed a state trooper. I immediately glanced at my speedometer and saw I was doing 61. I thought "oh, I'm probably safe..." A moment or two later I realized the trooper was following behind me with his lights on -- "OH SHIT! It's not a 55 MPH zone, its 45" (Yes, Dad, I know....)

Anyway - I pull over and the trooper asks if I knew I was in a 45 MPH speed zone, so I told him honestly, No I thought it was still 55 on that stretch. I then proceed to explain to him that I was on my way to the OB because I've been having pains (and I point to my stomach, just in case he didnt' get it...) and they were concerned that something was wrong.

He told me... "Well, the doctor always makes you wait so you're gonna end up being a little bit late now because I have to write you the ticket" and he walks away to his car. Now, I'm not denying that I was speeding -- but I just explained to him that something COULD BE WRONG with my pregnancy and he didn't bat an eye.

Wait, it gets better.

Soooooo -- he comes back to the car with the ticket and as he's handing it to me asks "Are you still in pain?" ( asshole, all of the pain disappeared while you were writing me a speeding ticket so it must have been a godsend I was pulled over by you.) I just sorta stared at him because i didn't really get where he was going with this.

He then says "If you're in pain still I can call you an ambulance...."
I told him I was fine to drive myself. Well, first he continues to explain how I should handle mailing in the ticket, emphasizing that I should plead "Not Guilty" and he'll "help me out" in court (oh thanks for your generosity) and that "If I'm having pains perhaps I really should get the ambulance so I don't do any further damage to myself or the baby..."

UM HOW ABOUT YOU S.T.F.U. and let me drive to the freaking doctors office.
OR you could have NOT made me sit there while you wrote me a ticket douchebag....

Thursday, October 29, 2009



Monday, October 26, 2009

12 month appointment

Ok, I know Connor hit "12 months" a couple weeks ago - but I postponed his appointment due to the high fever, ear infections and taking antibiotics. I wanted him healthy before he got vaccinations.

Well, he's a healthy 23 lbs 6 oz (actually losing some weight - not that we were trying to have him lose weight but he's non stop so its inevitable!) and he's 29 1/2 inches tall. This puts him in the 60th percentile for weight and 40th for height.

Unfortunately, my little well behaved boy (at the doctors office) was not there with me today. I had to fight and wrestle him every step of the way. I felt badly though - he actually was scared. He used to be so easygoing at the doctors - but ever since the last trip we took there when he was burning up with the fever he's been frightened by the whole experience. Even getting weighed and measured had him screaming and crying.

After the doctor examined him (screaming and crying the whole time for this as well) he had a few moments to calm down before..........the shots.

Poor baby had to get 4 shots (MMR, Chicken Pox, PCV and the flu shot)- and we even put one off (Hepatitis A) until next month because we didn't want to give him 5 at once. He has to return next month for the second half of his flu shot (the regular seasonal flu shot is given to children in half doses) so he can get Hep A then.

Ahhhh it was terrible from start to finish and the poor baby cried so hard. He was clinging to me, screaming, and just looking for me to make it end. The worst part was...that I had to force him to stay there, and help hold him down during the exam and shots. All I wanted to do was cuddle him and "rescue" him but I could not.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Picky Eating.

Connor had a picky eating day today.

Here is a sample of what he chose to pass up vs. what he chose to intake:


pasta with sauce
numerous cups of milk, juice and water
Gold fish snacks
baby food fruit jar ("fruit medley")


a few bites of pancakes early this morning
a handful of animal crackers
a few leaves
a few handfuls of dirt
some grass
a few bites of a bagel
a jar of baby food Sweet Potatoes
an ice cube

Yes, its been an interesting day.

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One of my favorite bloggers (click here to read her blog) is holding a giveaway contest for a gift card to amazon! I would LOVE to win that prize!

She is in a contest of her own, trying to win a contest to become the "Top Baby Blog" so go check her blog out, and help vote for her to win!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Families share EVERYTHING

Yes...families do share everything. Right down to the runny noses.

However, I must admit that I'm at fault for starting this round of the sniffles. But, without fail, I get a real good cold and little man Connor gets it a day or two later and then a day or two after that Jason gets it.

But, let me just add that although Connor and I both suffered (and survived) the VERY same cold Jason currently has -- apparently he is just so so sick that he is on death's door (according to him...)

I find it amazing that his one year old son fought off those germs with more stamina than he is -- but as Jason said "It's just not the same cold..."

Um yeah right... ;0)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Let's have a little fun this Wednesday!!
Do you have a list? You know, that list? The top 5 people in Hollywood that you might up and leave your job, kids and husband for if your fates somehow crossed paths. Of course, it is all in good fun - so here is mine.

Ok, so "Who is that guy???" you may be thinking to yourself. Well, he's Nigel Barker - a "noted fashion photographer" according to Tyra Banks on her show America's Next Top Model. Who cares WHO he is... I just enjoy him thank you very much.

Next, Eric Dane. I see why Grey's Anatomy nicknamed you "Mc Steamy" because you are.

That brings me to number 3 - Patrick Dempsey. Another Grey's Anatomy heartthrob. No, I do not watch the show just for the men, but it certainly makes the show more appealing!

Oh, Anderson Cooper. I don't care that you're gay because you're still quite handsome and, besides, its not like we'd ever really meet anyway - so I can pretend you're a hunky man that enjoys women.

And last but not least... my favorite piece of eye candy because he's SOOO yummy would be Justin Timberlake. Mmmmmmmm... ;0)

Play along!! Click here to get the code for your own Wish List Wednesday Button!!! And have fun!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Allow me to complain...

...for just a minute.

  • I'm getting cramps in my calves in the middle of the night. EXCRUCIATING leg cramps. In fact, the most recent leg cramp arrived in the middle of the night on Monday and my calf still hurts.
  • My back hurts. Most of the time.
  • If its not my back, its my sciatic.
  • I have heartburn. From just about everything I eat, even coffee cakes.
  • I'm getting headaches.
  • I'm moody.
  • I am short of breath often.

....and........yes, in the end a great gift will arrive...but in the I want my body back.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Ok, so I am really starting to get nervous here. I am 32 weeks pregnant which means I have anywhere from 4-8 weeks left before Baby Girl??? E arrives. Note the question marks by "girl"?? Yeah, that's what I am nervous about!

When we found out Connor was a boy - I KNEW deep down in my gut, in my heart of hearts, heck, I knew that IN MY uterus was a boy even though the Ultra Sound Tech told us girl. Luckily we found out only 2 days later that I was right, and it really was a boy. It didn't give us time to grow attached to the thought of a daughter.

Well, this time, we were told GIRL! again. And, I believed it more - but I didn't know deep down in my gut, my heart of hearts, my uterus... that it was a girl or a boy. Although, the sound of a girl settled with me better than the first time around.

Anyway-- now that there are no more scheduled ultra sounds (none from 20 weeks on...) I'm starting to really worry. What if he is just incompetent?? It's MUCH easier to say "girl" when its a boy if the parts aren't being put on display for the public.

So, did he mess up again? 2x with one family? We couldn't have those odds against us, could we?
I certainly do not have a preference to a daughter or another son. But, I certainly have become attached (for 12 weeks already!) to thinking that there's a little girl, Paige, growing inside of me.

Imagine my surprise on the day of delivery if the good ol' doc yells out "It's a Boy!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I know there isn't much left of Wednesday - but there's always time for wishing! My wish this week is a repeat from another Wish List Wednesday but, I don't care, I'm stealing from myself. I wish for...

....more frequent massages. I went last night to the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy and received an amazing, wonderful, supremely relaxing 50 minute massage. Between being pregnant and having a 1 year old - I haven't been able to relax that well in, hmm... at least a year! So, my wish, is to receive more frequent massages during the rest of my pregnancy...and perhaps afterwards as well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Videos

(These were recorded yesterday on my cell phone, hence the poor video quality)

In video #1 Connor & I were looking at a "My First Colors Book" and came across a Green Tractor. He started showing me what sound a tractor makes... You have to listen carefully - but you'll hear his tractor noise!

In video #2 Connor is blowing kisses!! Although he gets annoyed (very annoyed) when Mommy tries to participate in blowing kisses.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just 5 minutes of NO MOTION all I want.

No movement anywhere.
Not from the baby girl inside my body - and not from the baby boy running around my house.
If I could have 5 minutes to sit on the couch and not be kicked internally or have to jump back up to catch a mischievous little boy I'd feel better.

My body is just so so tired and even when my little man is sleeping, my little girl is just waking up to party inside Mommy.

So, please, 5 minutes without any type of motion is all I want.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I would like to have this for Connor - I know he'd love it!!! He always loves watching Daddy mow the lawn at Great-Grandmas house because of the tractor!

And, lately, since I've been feeling the "effects" of 3rd trimester pregnancy lately I'd loooooove to have a full spa treatment complete with a prenatal massage.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Cost of a Fever.

Everything has a price on it these days. Everything.
Well, my little man has been sick since Sunday morning -- with his fever steadily rising up from 101.5 on Sunday to 103 this morning... even a sick baby isn't cheap! Luckily, a few hours ago (Thank Goodness!) his fever seemed to finally break, or at least drop significantly.
Of course Jason & I would spend whatever we needed to in order to make sure he was feeling better but just thinking about it made me decide to itemize things from the past few days...

Doctor's visit - $30
Antibiotics - $5
(2) bottles Children's Motrin - $11
(1) Bottle 100% Apple Juice - $2
(2) containers of yogurt (to prevent belly aches) - $5
Second Doctor's visit - $30
(1) Bottle Pedialyte - $4
Worried Mom staying home with her son - 1 sick day

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, its 5:20 a.m. and I have just about an hour before I have to be "up" for work.
I have been up since 2:45 when Connor woke up crying. Of course, he's back asleep & so is hubby. Not me....

Connor woke up Saturday night (around midnight) with a fever of 101.5 -- poor thing, he must have been partied out from his big birthday bash (pictures will come of that soon, promise). We gave him some tylenol and let him sleep in bed so we can keep him close. In the morning, his fever was back up to 101.7 -- I called the pediatrician and they got us an appointment (yes, on a Sunday!!) I'm so glad we took him in right away because the poor guy has a double ear infection! We would have never known if it hadn't been for the fever because he was showing no indications of discomfort.
Poor guy - has been in fairly good spirits considering....
At least we got antibiotics in him already (2 doses) and we've been giving him motrin instead of tylenol to help with the fever.

Well -- he woke up at 2:45 this morning and I could feel he was burning up - fever back to 102. So of course, now that he's gotten more motrin, a cool bottle (want to keep him hydrated!) and is fassssssst asleep - I'm just sitting here awake unable to go back to bed. It's pretty pointless now since my alarm will be buzzing soon. But, oh I'll be tired tomorrow!

In the meantime, I'll sit here and watch him sleep while the little girl inside kicks away as if it were her party time!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blog about being pregnant...

I have been told by a few people that I "never blog about this pregnancy".

That is true. Not because I ignore it - but I'm so busy and fascinated with everything Connor is doing that I just figure 'eh, he's more interesting than my growing belly'. LOL Last year the most fascinating thing in my life was my growing belly!

So...for those of you who are interested/curious...
  • I am now 30 weeks pregnant which puts me in my 7th month.
  • She (I KNOW I Posted about that!) is now the size of a squash
  • I have only gained 10lbs so far this pregnancy (although, I did gain most of my weight w/Connor at the we shall see!)
  • I passed my glucose test - which means I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes
  • My iron level is SLIGHTLY lower than desired - they prefer an "11" I was at "10.6" so instead of taking supplements I am just trying to eat some extra iron rich foods.
  • We have picked out a name "Paige Frances"
  • She is a kicker!
  • I'm due Dec 12th

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

October 1, 2008 Connor Joseph was born at 4:28 p.m. at Vassar Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY.
He arrived 4 weeks early!! He weighed in at 6 lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long...
Such a precious little peanut.

October 1, 2009 Connor Joseph celebrates his FIRST BIRTHDAY! He is 23 lbs and hovering close to 30 inches long. He walks, laughs, says a few words and is a huge ball of personality! What a year its been - and I look forward to every year after this one....