Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was bringing Connor's bottle to the couch so I could sit down and feed him, when he looked at me and said "ba ba" !!!!

Yay, he said a word!

Now, he won't stop saying ba-ba!

And yes, Aunt Kelley, it can also be considered "Ba Ba" as in Baa Baa Black Sheep - maybe he's reciting nursery rhymes (he is soo advanced! haha)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

This morning we took Connor to the local Memorial Day Parade. (His first parade!!) We were there to show support of fallen and wounded soldiers, as well as those who are still fighting for the country so that my little boy can grow up with the same freedoms I grew up knowing.

Connor got to see firetrucks, Army tanks, Army trucks, marching bands, and lots of people! A great Memorial Day!

Connor and Daddy wait for the parade to begin...

An Army Jeep with Veterans passes by!

Local Firefighters

Connor and Grandma T posing in front of Poppy's (great grandpa) fire truck

Mommy and Connor watching the parade from the grass!

Night Terrors.

A replay of Saturday night:

  • Connor goes down to bed around 9:00 p.m.
  • Mommy goes to bed around 10:15 p.m.
  • Around 11:30, Mommy jumps out of bed faster than she ever has before because she hears the most horrific screaming and crying coming over the monitor.
  • Mommy runs, stumbling into the baby's room.
  • Daddy is already in there trying to console a screaming, crying baby. The baby is not really awake - eyes closed, not aware that Daddy is holding him - yet he is screaming and crying the most terrifying, panicked cries I have ever heard.
  • This continues for at least 10 minutes - as we are unable to wake and/or calm the baby.
  • Connor finally starts waking up - I take him into my arms, and he is still so shaken up he is gasping for air, in a hyper-ventilating action.
  • Throughout the ordeal, I start crying because I do not know what is wrong. Is he sick? Is it a nightmare? Do we need to take him to the hospital? How can we make this stop? Why can't we soothe our baby?

It was so scary -- I'm pretty sure what we experienced was our son having a Night Terror.
I was so scared because I wasn't sure if it would happen again after putting him back to bed - or if he was sick and I should stay by his side- - so I opted to stay by his side.
Mr. E set up a nice cozy blanket and pillow bed on the living room floor so Connor and I slept next to each other in the living room for the rest of Saturday night - to make me feel better because Connor was already on his way back to dreamland.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stuff to say, but so tired!

I have a story to share.
But its about not sleeping last night so I'm too tired to tell you now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A new favorite

Yes, Elmo!
We recently discovered that Elmo is a big hit with Connor.
We were sitting on the floor playing with Connor the other day, and Mr. E put on Sesame Street.
When the scene came on to show a dancing and singing Elmo, Connor immediately pushed himself up on his Daddy's legs, leaned closer to the TV set and was mesmerized by what he saw! In fact, he would occasionally squeal, smile and wave his arms in delight while watching Elmo!
Since then, I've sat down with the computer and brought up some Elmo clips online and let Connor watch them -- oooooh!! He loves it!
So, of course, Mommy treated him to an Elmo toy yesterday and he was so happy when he saw it! He smiled and started saying "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (his sound when he's happy). I guess we are now entering the world of favorite characters... and Elmo is the first!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tales of a family breakfast

This morning Mr. E & I thought we'd take a short ride over to IHOP for some breakfast. I prepared the diaper bag - toys, snacks for the baby to eat (Gerber Puffs), a bottle "just in case" and the usual necessities (diapers,wipes etc...).

Off we went!

We arrived, didn't have to wait for a seat and got the baby settled in his high chair.
I got his toys out, set them up in front of him and we were ready for breakfast!!

At first, Connor was seated in perfect vision of a nearby occupied booth so that he could stare at the couple eating their food. He was such a well-behaved baby - making cute faces at them, occasionally looking at Mommy & Daddy to play with them.... UNTIL......the couple left.

Then Connor became the baby who demanded attention from all of IHOP.

  • He dumped his toys on the floor with one swift swoop of his arm to make anyone nearby stop to pick them up
  • He practiced his very best scream on the top of his lungs (repeatedly...) --he screamed at us, at nearby diners - even at the waiter standing a few feet away who wasn't looking him in hopes that his screams would grab the attention of all people who could hear.
No, he wasn't actually mad and screaming - he was saying

"Attention IHOP, there is a cute baby over here that wants you to look at him".

Oh, Mr E and I couldn't even speak to one another because that meant we were not looking at our dear son...oh, what an interesting breakfast!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our First Mother's Day

Was perfect.
I got to spend the whole day with my special man and my husband.
We didn't do anything momentous, but just being together was the key.

I even got a special present from my little guy - a 'kiss'!
Mr. E told Connor to "kiss Mommy" and he looked right at me, opened his mouth and went straight for my face. Right after I said "Aw thank you!!" And Daddy cheered - Connor was clearly pleased with himself.

So, we spent the next five minutes "giving kisses" - each one more drooly than the next, yet, each one was still more perfect and special than the next.

At the end of the day when I was giving him his last bottle and he fell asleep I just sat there holding him a little longer soaking in the perfect feeling of being his mother.

It's an odd thing - most days I don't 'feel' like a mother. I mean, yes, I definitely have a motherly instinct and will do whatever it takes to care for my baby but what does a mother really "feel" like?? Well, I suppose I felt it yesterday just holding the baby those extra few minutes as he slept in my arms. I sat there, looking at him and thinking about our life before him, and how I'd never, ever go back there - not for one moment.

That, I'm quite sure, is what it feels like to be a mother.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Splish Splash I was taking a bath

Now that Connor is Mr. Independent (or so he likes to think) he has decided he will sit up
in his bathtub from now on so that he can fully enjoy his bath time toys. Here's a little peek at last nights bath time.

(sorry about the wobbly filming - I was trying to film while holding the baby with the other hand!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

7 months old!! (and one day!)

Hooray!! I'm 7 months old!
I now weigh 19 lbs and 15 oz. That still keeps me in the 75th percentile for weight.
I am 26.5 inches long - which moved me from the 25th percentile up to the 50th!!

I'm a growing boy!
In 7 months I have learned to sit up by myself, crawl and pull myself up on things.
Oh, and I have 2 teeth!