Friday, December 25, 2009

Traditions Old and New

Growing up we always celebrated Christmas Eve. We had a nice family dinner, opened presents and enjoyed being together with family. No matter how young or old I was, every Christmas we did the same dinner, gift giving and family time. As a young girl we always had an extra time added in where we would snuggle up in one of our bedrooms and read some Christmas stories together while we were "hiding from Santa Claus" (he always came to our house in the early evening so we had to fake him out and pretend we were asleep... we'd open our gifts after he left that night).

Once Jason & I got married we agreed that when we had children of our own we would wait until Christmas morning to open Santa's gifts...(borrrrrring... ha ha ha) But we knew we wanted to start a special Christmas Eve tradition for our family. We decided a few months ago that every Christmas Eve we would sit together with the kids and read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas".

So, last night before putting Connor to bed we grabbed the book and everyone gathered around. (Everyone was Connor, Paige, Myself, Aunt Kelley, Uncle Steve, Grammy & Grandpa M). Daddy read us the book while we all listened to the first annual reading of the book.

Sure, Connor was up and about listening here and there, grabbing a toy and then occasionally stopping again to listen - but its the beginning of a tradition that he will hopefully remember and cherish as he grows older.

Merry Christmas Connor & Paige, Mommy Loves You!

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