Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have a new obsession.
Sweepstakes, giveaways, contests -- you get the idea.
I don't know if it is because I'm home all the time now, or if it is because I'm home all the time now DURING the holiday season but I never realized how many online contests there are!
I am trying to win them all. Seriously.
Nothing I have to give money to, and nothing that even seems remotely suspicious - but I am entering whatever I can to win prizes and/or trips!

What am I entering you wonder? Well, I will tell you!

- The Regis & Kelly show gives away a chance to win a trip on a daily basis. I am now actively trying to win a trip. I have to submit a photo (done!) and if I get a phone call from them I must be able to correctly answer a question about the previous day's show. order to help me out - I started DVRing the show in case I miss some I can watch real quickly in the morning before the new show starts. (yes, I'm nuts!)

-Since I am a blogger I follow a lot of blogs... there are quite a few bloggers that participate in giveaways and I enter many of them!! (oh they giveaway things like giftcards to target, amazon, online baby boutiques etc...) (edit to add: many times conditions of blog contests state entrants MUST blog about the giveaway to gain an extra "chance" of winning)

- Also, there are numerous other websites I frequent or get newsletters from that offer the occasional sweepstakes - and I'm entering them!!

Maybe one day I'll win.

Right after I win the lotto.

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