Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Lights

Yesterday's weather threatened us with a huge snowstorm. We waited with anticipation (and dread) all day for this storm to hit, knowing that once it did we were snowed in for at least the remainder of the weekend. Around 5pm yesterday Jason & I decided we were already feeling antsy and since it hadn't even flurried yet we wanted to get out of the house.

Well, what do you do with 2 small children at 5 pm on a freezing cold night for little to no money?? LOOK AT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!

We piled into the car and drove around surrounding neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. (This way we were close to home if the snow started.)

In the beginning we couldn't tell if Connor really was enjoying the light-seeing but halfway through our tour if we went too long without passing a house that had lights we'd hear him 'ehhhhhhhh' from the background as if to say "Mom, Dad I want more lights!".

He really enjoyed it! He started pointing out the window to show us what he saw! He also started to get really excited at certain houses and rocking back and forth smiling as he saw more light up houses coming in to view.

What a nice little pre-holiday outing with the family!

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Mary P said...

Merry Christmas Connor :0)