Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Every time Connor is in his high chair but ready to get out I try to teach him to put his arms in the air and say "up". He has really gotten the arms in the air down pat - a great signal that he wants to get up.

I also encourage the word "up" when he wants me to pick him up -- if he's standing at my feet and raising his arms in the air I say "up" as I lift him.

Sometimes he'll utter the /p/ sound - which signifies he's trying to say "up".

This morning he was sitting in his high chair finishing his breakfast and I was checking my e-mails at the kitchen table. Although I was right next to him, I wasn't looking at him the whole time.

I heard him start to fuss a bit, so I knew he was ready to get cleaned up and get out of the chair. Suddenly, I hear "UP!" -- I looked over at him in disbelief!! His arms were above his head in the air and he had said "UP!" Had anyone else been in the house I would have thought THEY said it because it was so nice and clear! I couldn't believe it!! My big big boy!!!This was taken this morning when he decided he was done with his waffles being in the bowl.

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Mary P said...

big, beautiful boy :0) good job Connor!!!!!