Monday, November 30, 2009

Rough few hours

Last night we had a rough patch -- the first one in almost 2 weeks which isn't bad - but whoo boy, I am not looking forward to more nights like that (and I'm sure there will be plenty!)

My little man is teething -so he was feeling down right miserable. His mouth was hurting, his nose was stuffed up and his ears were bothering him (all from those stupid teeth!)... We gave him some tylenol & teething tablets to ease the pain - but it wasn't enough to allow him to sleep well. So, he woke up around 9 - just crying and crying. We let him come back downstairs and sit on the couch with Mommy and Daddy. He mainly stayed snuggled up in Daddy's lap drinking juice, watching a concert on TV while Daddy sang the songs to him softly. However, at any random moment Connor would start crying again because he was just too uncomfortable.

Shortly after, Miss Paige woke up to eat. Unfortunately, she started suffering from gas pains because she was having trouble getting those burps out so she was crying and crying as well. Now, I'm sitting next to Connor & Jason on the couch feeding Paige. For quite a while it seemed to be calming down - and we were such a cozy little family.

Until it was time for bed... Connor was so tired that on top of feeling lousy he was just crying from exhaustion but didn't want to go to sleep. I tried to get him to sleep next to me on the couch. No dice. We tried to have him fall asleep in our laps. No dice. On the living room dice.

I knew he'd have to be put in his crib awake then. Normally, its not a problem to put him in his crib awake but last night was different. Of course, he CRIED CRIED poor guy. But what else could I do??? He HAD to go to bed --- and now Paige is crying again because she has gas pains. I felt myself starting to fill up with tears. BOTH of my little ones were crying because they didn't feel good. I used all of the remedies I could think of - and finally got both of them comfortable and settled in -- with a LOT of help from Daddy...

But those few hours were tough... very tough. I think the "toughness" was much more emotional for me than anything -- but I still hated every minute of it.

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Mary P said...

those days (and nights) are NO fun :-(