Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Let's have a little fun this Wednesday!!
Do you have a list? You know, that list? The top 5 people in Hollywood that you might up and leave your job, kids and husband for if your fates somehow crossed paths. Of course, it is all in good fun - so here is mine.

Ok, so "Who is that guy???" you may be thinking to yourself. Well, he's Nigel Barker - a "noted fashion photographer" according to Tyra Banks on her show America's Next Top Model. Who cares WHO he is... I just enjoy him thank you very much.

Next, Eric Dane. I see why Grey's Anatomy nicknamed you "Mc Steamy" because you are.

That brings me to number 3 - Patrick Dempsey. Another Grey's Anatomy heartthrob. No, I do not watch the show just for the men, but it certainly makes the show more appealing!

Oh, Anderson Cooper. I don't care that you're gay because you're still quite handsome and, besides, its not like we'd ever really meet anyway - so I can pretend you're a hunky man that enjoys women.

And last but not least... my favorite piece of eye candy because he's SOOO yummy would be Justin Timberlake. Mmmmmmmm... ;0)

Play along!! Click here to get the code for your own Wish List Wednesday Button!!! And have fun!


Anonymous said...

I used to get the Playboy channel on TV -- but only for the articles.

Mary P said...

definately gonna have to get in on wish list wednesdays next week--thanks for the code.

5 people:

Anderson Cooper (he is sorta delish)

Derrick Hough

Derick Jeter

Rob Pattinson

...I'll have to think about the 5th...

Kelley said...

back off of Justin Timberlake...he's mine!! :)