Sunday, October 18, 2009


Ok, so I am really starting to get nervous here. I am 32 weeks pregnant which means I have anywhere from 4-8 weeks left before Baby Girl??? E arrives. Note the question marks by "girl"?? Yeah, that's what I am nervous about!

When we found out Connor was a boy - I KNEW deep down in my gut, in my heart of hearts, heck, I knew that IN MY uterus was a boy even though the Ultra Sound Tech told us girl. Luckily we found out only 2 days later that I was right, and it really was a boy. It didn't give us time to grow attached to the thought of a daughter.

Well, this time, we were told GIRL! again. And, I believed it more - but I didn't know deep down in my gut, my heart of hearts, my uterus... that it was a girl or a boy. Although, the sound of a girl settled with me better than the first time around.

Anyway-- now that there are no more scheduled ultra sounds (none from 20 weeks on...) I'm starting to really worry. What if he is just incompetent?? It's MUCH easier to say "girl" when its a boy if the parts aren't being put on display for the public.

So, did he mess up again? 2x with one family? We couldn't have those odds against us, could we?
I certainly do not have a preference to a daughter or another son. But, I certainly have become attached (for 12 weeks already!) to thinking that there's a little girl, Paige, growing inside of me.

Imagine my surprise on the day of delivery if the good ol' doc yells out "It's a Boy!"

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Mary P said...

let him wear pink...the confusion won't last til adulthood :-) is SO a girl!