Friday, October 30, 2009

Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law

Ok, well my saga with the doctor office and the Labor & Delivery room is another blog entirely because there is just so much information -- but what you DON'T know is about my run in with the law before this all started.

Thursday afternoon I left work early to go to the OBs office because I was feeling some cramping/pains. On my way there, I was driving down Route 9S and passed a state trooper. I immediately glanced at my speedometer and saw I was doing 61. I thought "oh, I'm probably safe..." A moment or two later I realized the trooper was following behind me with his lights on -- "OH SHIT! It's not a 55 MPH zone, its 45" (Yes, Dad, I know....)

Anyway - I pull over and the trooper asks if I knew I was in a 45 MPH speed zone, so I told him honestly, No I thought it was still 55 on that stretch. I then proceed to explain to him that I was on my way to the OB because I've been having pains (and I point to my stomach, just in case he didnt' get it...) and they were concerned that something was wrong.

He told me... "Well, the doctor always makes you wait so you're gonna end up being a little bit late now because I have to write you the ticket" and he walks away to his car. Now, I'm not denying that I was speeding -- but I just explained to him that something COULD BE WRONG with my pregnancy and he didn't bat an eye.

Wait, it gets better.

Soooooo -- he comes back to the car with the ticket and as he's handing it to me asks "Are you still in pain?" ( asshole, all of the pain disappeared while you were writing me a speeding ticket so it must have been a godsend I was pulled over by you.) I just sorta stared at him because i didn't really get where he was going with this.

He then says "If you're in pain still I can call you an ambulance...."
I told him I was fine to drive myself. Well, first he continues to explain how I should handle mailing in the ticket, emphasizing that I should plead "Not Guilty" and he'll "help me out" in court (oh thanks for your generosity) and that "If I'm having pains perhaps I really should get the ambulance so I don't do any further damage to myself or the baby..."

UM HOW ABOUT YOU S.T.F.U. and let me drive to the freaking doctors office.
OR you could have NOT made me sit there while you wrote me a ticket douchebag....


Anonymous said...

You left out the part where he probably said -- "Have a nice day"
and by the way -- what was I supposed to have said -- ---" I know Dad" --- )?? Fajah

Mrs E said...

Dad the comment was because I thought I'd get a fatherly lecture about doing 61 in a 45...

Anonymous said...

No --- I was a bit disappointed that you didn't run -- I wanted to
watch you on COPS.

Mary P said...

good thing I wasn't in the car with you...I'd probably be in jail :-)....I'm not kidding...hate cops with a GOD complex that think everyone is out to get THEM....don't get me started on cops....perhaps i should fly up to attend traffic court with you?!?!