Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wish List Wednesday!!

Wish List Wednesday is the name of the game. The rules? Simple -- Pick 5 items from your wishlist and put them in your blog!!! I've seen one of my favorite bloggers (click here THE FOSTER FAMILY to play along on your blog!) participate in this weekly for a while now...So, I decided to play along!!

1) My first for a housekeeper!! I would love to be able to have someone else come do the sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, toilets etc....

2) While I'm at it -- if I'm going to get a housekeeper, I may as well wish for a personal chef. I do not like cooking but I sure do like eating so this is a perfect wish for me!

3) Another item I'd LOVE to have is a new mattress. My mattress is no longer providing me with the most comfortable, restful sleep possible so I think I should try the memory foam mattress. Isn't that supposed to guarantee my beauty sleep?

4) The next wish is something that would not only have been a life saver during this heat-wave - but lets face it who doesn't want one?? A POOL! Not just a small pool - a deluxe in-ground, resort style pool! Besides, I'm about to have a second child and what kids wouldn't want a pool?!?

5) And lastly, because the rules of the game state I can only select 5 wishes per week.... since we need a bigger vehicle to fit our soon-to-be family of 4 why not do it in style? Instead of a mini-van or your everyday SUV - let's go for a Lexus!!

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Jennifer said...

FYI - I bought a queen sized memory foam mattress from and it ROCKS! Plus it was a billion times cheaper than the Tempurpedic beds.