Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It all started with a cough...

Let's go back in time to Thursday, shall we??
Thursday: Connor was eating dinner in his high chair and started coughing and coughing so hard I thought he was choking so I pulled him out of his seat to try and clear his mouth, pat his back - you know, the "Oh my god! I have to save his life!" type stuff. Well, he puked (gross) food and mucous everywhere.

Friday: coughing continues.

Saturday-Sunday: - more now I'm starting to become worried - is he asthmatic (like his mother)? Does he have allergies? Just a cold? Teething related??? In the meantime...I start feeling more asthma symptoms and start coughing like my little man...

Monday night: I notice that I could feel a rattling in his chest as he and I were cuddling together and I noticed it again this morning (Tuesday!). So, I called the pediatrician and asked them to squeeze us in. At this point, I'd rather "waste" the $30 copay for them to tell me its a cold then to find out the hard way it was something else.
All morning I was having my own coughing well.

Well, after my exhausted child (the one who didn't nap all morning) sat for an hour at the pediatrician's office (what a good boy he was even though he started having a breakdown from being soooo tired) I find out he has....BRONCHITIS!!! I have a prescription for him to get antibiotics. This causes me to think "Self", I said, "You probably have bronchitis too!"...
So, I took myself to the doctor-- and....what do you know?! I have it as well.

Now Mommy and Son are on the mend together with their antibiotics! (and yes, I double triple quadruple checked -- ammoxicillin is safe for me to take while pregnant).

What a day!

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