Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aunt Amy's is FUN!!!

Mommy & I took a visit to Aunt Amy & Uncle Adam's house last night. What a fun place that is! Aunt Amy has a big doggy that loves to lick my face! I think that it's so silly when the doggy does that!
Aunt Amy also had these things called "bubbles"! She kept making them float through the air - but when I tried to do it, nothing happened! Maybe she's magic!
And best of all was the GIANT BALL at Aunt Amy's! She let me play with it, lay on it and bounce on it! That was the best time ever!

< --- Aunt Amy let me lay on it!
<---and bounce on it! (see the bubbles in my hand?! I still can't figure them out!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Try To Rest More"

Today I had my monthly OB visit for Baby Girl E!! I had mentioned to the Dr. that she's been spending a lot of her free time on my sciatic nerve and causing me a great deal of discomfort and at times down right PAIN!

He asked me if I was resting a lot - to which I emphatically replied "No!" (It's sort of impossible when you have a busy busy busy little boy at home). He suggested I "rest more" and also told me not to lift too much. I told him the only thing I lift regularly is my son (a whopping 24 pounder) and he said "Oh, well, just try to rest more".

So, Connor, I guess you're on your own for a while because Mommy's got to rest!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Friends

Yesterday Connor had another great playdate with his friends Ethan & Avery. Watching the three of them play is so much fun - and it's been amazing to watch them grow over the past 9 months or so that we've been getting together.
Their Mommy has become a great, great friend of mine. Someone I look to for advice, to vent, or just to gossip with!
Unfortunately, their family is moving to South Carolina in a few days -- and the goodbye was emotional yesterday.
I have put together a little slideshow of the kiddos over the last few months... I have loved every minute we all spent together and look forward to creating more memories over the years.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wish List Wednesday!!

Wish List Wednesday is the name of the game. The rules? Simple -- Pick 5 items from your wishlist and put them in your blog!!! I've seen one of my favorite bloggers (click here THE FOSTER FAMILY to play along on your blog!) participate in this weekly for a while now...So, I decided to play along!!

1) My first for a housekeeper!! I would love to be able to have someone else come do the sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, toilets etc....

2) While I'm at it -- if I'm going to get a housekeeper, I may as well wish for a personal chef. I do not like cooking but I sure do like eating so this is a perfect wish for me!

3) Another item I'd LOVE to have is a new mattress. My mattress is no longer providing me with the most comfortable, restful sleep possible so I think I should try the memory foam mattress. Isn't that supposed to guarantee my beauty sleep?

4) The next wish is something that would not only have been a life saver during this heat-wave - but lets face it who doesn't want one?? A POOL! Not just a small pool - a deluxe in-ground, resort style pool! Besides, I'm about to have a second child and what kids wouldn't want a pool?!?

5) And lastly, because the rules of the game state I can only select 5 wishes per week.... since we need a bigger vehicle to fit our soon-to-be family of 4 why not do it in style? Instead of a mini-van or your everyday SUV - let's go for a Lexus!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It all started with a cough...

Let's go back in time to Thursday, shall we??
Thursday: Connor was eating dinner in his high chair and started coughing and coughing so hard I thought he was choking so I pulled him out of his seat to try and clear his mouth, pat his back - you know, the "Oh my god! I have to save his life!" type stuff. Well, he puked (gross) food and mucous everywhere.

Friday: coughing continues.

Saturday-Sunday: - more now I'm starting to become worried - is he asthmatic (like his mother)? Does he have allergies? Just a cold? Teething related??? In the meantime...I start feeling more asthma symptoms and start coughing like my little man...

Monday night: I notice that I could feel a rattling in his chest as he and I were cuddling together and I noticed it again this morning (Tuesday!). So, I called the pediatrician and asked them to squeeze us in. At this point, I'd rather "waste" the $30 copay for them to tell me its a cold then to find out the hard way it was something else.
All morning I was having my own coughing well.

Well, after my exhausted child (the one who didn't nap all morning) sat for an hour at the pediatrician's office (what a good boy he was even though he started having a breakdown from being soooo tired) I find out he has....BRONCHITIS!!! I have a prescription for him to get antibiotics. This causes me to think "Self", I said, "You probably have bronchitis too!"...
So, I took myself to the doctor-- and....what do you know?! I have it as well.

Now Mommy and Son are on the mend together with their antibiotics! (and yes, I double triple quadruple checked -- ammoxicillin is safe for me to take while pregnant).

What a day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's summer, baby! And, I have a Summer Baby! He's all over the place, running around enjoying the summer activities.

<---Summer babies run through the grass

Summer babies go swimming!

<---Summer babies eat ice cream! (Mmm Dairy Queen!)
<---and Summer babies play sports!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Teeth in a Week

When Connor turned 6 mos old he finally cut his two bottom teeth. In the past 4 months there have been many instances of teething, and I was always convinced those other teeth would cut through "any day now"...

Well, about a week and a half ago one of the top teeth actually cut through- giving Connor a grand total of 3 teeth! However, a few short days later I looked into Connor's mouth again, and 3 MORE top teeth cut through - giving him a grand total of 6 teeth! All in about a weeks span!

There are 2 bumps on his bottom gums (one on either side of his bottom teeth) that will soon have teeth to replace them - so I'm not sure if these will take a while to come through or if they will suddenly pop up like the last batch did.

Either way, my poor baby - no wonder why he had been having such a hard time teething this month - all those teeth to come through at once. I can't imagine....

Friday, August 7, 2009

If a Picture is worth a Thousand Words...

...then what are 350 pictures worth? Does it multiply by 1,000?

Yes, the crazy photo taking mother I am just ordered all 350 pictures that I recently posted on snapfish. Of course I've ordered all the other hundreds (yes, hundreds, no exaggeration) of pictures that had been posted on there in the past.... that I have over 300 pictures sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be organized into frames and albums my question is what are they worth, besides the $33 I paid for them? haha

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ten Months!!!

So, the ten month photo shoot could be considered a giant "FAIL" compared to the past months. I suppose, I shouldn't expect a busy little boy to sit for longer than 5 seconds unless its on HIS TERMS....

So, I put him on the couch, he rolled over and tried to climb down.
Tried again, he stood up, ripped the sign down and tried to jump off the couch. (or dive headfirst...)

Tried again...he kneeled, faced the back of the couch, ripped the sign down and tried to jump off the couch...

See the pattern??

Finally, Daddy had to stand in the background as a "spotter" and I just snapped the camera as Connor was in action.

Without further ado -- the ten month photos!!! (p.s. He has a doctor visit on Tuesday so I'll update with height and weight after then!)

Missed My Little Boy

Yes, yes I know its already the 2nd of the month and I haven't posted Connor's 10 month photos. But, there's a good reason for that!
Connor was away all weekend! Yes - he had a weekend away without Mommy & Daddy!!
Connor spent the weekend with his Grammy and Grandpa! He was a very busy little boy - shopping, Chuck E Cheese, playing, etc....

Mommy missed him very very much, and thought about going to get him early - but her and Daddy had things to do. Between finishing our move (which still isn't done), a friend's wedding, and a last minute Mets game in Queens we were all over the place!

Now that Connor is back home with us, I will take and post pictures shortly! I sure missed my little guy - after 2 days he looked so much bigger to me!!!