Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ice Cream Thief

My little man turned into a full-fledged ice cream thief last night.
Did he sneak around and steal the ice cream when no one was looking? No!
Well, "How did he do it?" you may be thinking...

In a room of 6 people each eating their own bowl of ice cream Connor used his cute looks and charm to get some ice cream. He started with Daddy - walking over saying "da da da da" so of course, how could Daddy resist?? Then over to Mommy, patted on her legs and gave the cutest Mommy couldn't resist.

Ahhh...then he realized that his Aunt Laurie had ice cream! And so did cousins Jessica, Derek and Chris!! So, one by one he walked over, patted their legs and did something too cute to resist and got the spoonful of ice cream he wanted... he made his way around the room multiple times - varying the pattern so that no one would "catch on" to him...ha ha ha

Sneaky trick Connor -- but, I can' t say I blame ya because Mommy LOVES her ice cream too!

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Mary P said...

what a smart boy :-)